We are pleased and honoured to announce that South African Literary Awards (SALA) has shortlisted Iimbali Zamandulo - Stories of the Past (1838-1910), edited and translated from isiXhosa into English by Jeff Opland and Peter Mtuze, for the 2021 Literary Translators Award. The book, Vol. 8 in the Publications of the Opland Collection of Xhosa Literature, is a selection of original writings produced by isiXhosa-speaking residents of the Eastern Cape between 1838 and 1910. This was a crucial period – and place – in the conflicted history of South Africa, usually recounted from the vantage point of white coloniser or missionary. It is very rare to have the voices of the indigenous inhabitants doing their own telling.


Book Cover


Congratulations to both authors! The winners will be announced on 7th November 2021 at a virtual SALA Awards ceremony. Click here for more information on this book. Copies can be purchased at the special offer price from https://www.booksdirect.co.za/

Friday, October 1, 2021 - 08:25

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