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Kruger's story stretches back centuries, from the presence of early humans to the visionaries who created it in 1898. Originally called the Sabi Game Reserve, it became a haven for wildlife threatened by hunters. James Stevenson-Hamilton, the park's first warden, played a pivotal role in its development. Today, Kruger National Park stands as a symbol of South Africa's commitment to conservation and cultural heritage.

Join us on the 8th of June as we scratch the surface of some of the amazing history in the National Park and the Skukuza Rest Camp. Drs Tim and Kath Forssman will provide insight into the history of Kruger, and take you on a walk through Skukuza, peeling back layers of history. The tour will also double-up as a birding experience, so please bring your binoculars and bird books.

The tour will begin at 10am at the main reception and administration complex just inside the Skukuza entrance gate.

It will include a walking heritage and birding tour around the tourist village as well as an in-depth visit to the Skukuza Museum.

Please note, the trip is only a day tour and does not include sleeping over in Skukuza. If you wish to stay the weekend in the camp, please do make your own arrangements.

It is anticipated that the trip will be completed around 13:00. Participants are welcome to bring a packed lunch for a picnic or enjoy the camp’s restaurants afterwards.

  • More details and to RSVP: linda@klcbt.co.za
  • Hosted by Mpumalanga Heritage
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