The New Amidst the Old: Building in the Klein Karoo was compiled by Hans Fransen and published in 2006 by the Simon van der Stel Foundation (Southern Cape). It covers the Klein Karoo towns from Uniondale in the East to Ladismith in the West including Prince Albert which is technically in the Great Karoo. The booklet covers the following aspects of “heritage architecture” in the region:

  • Introduction
  • Local Styles
  • Klein Karoo Towns
  • What to Build – or Not to Build
  • The Country Areas
  • Conservation
  • Summary: Don’ts and Do’s


Front cover


The 40 page publication has a wide variety of both colour and black and white photographs which illustrate the various styles of architecture in the area. This booklet is one of the best examples of the wide variety of Klein Karoo architecture and is made available on the web in order to make people aware of the rich heritage of the area. Following the formation of the Southern Cape / Klein Karoo Heritage Forum it is being made available for wider circulation. In the event of there being a call for a reprint this will also be favourably considered.

To access the booklet go to and click on the tab for the Southern Cape Heritage Forum or simply click here.

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