Lepogo La Thaba Adventures

Lepogo La Thaba is an outdoor family adventure venue, situated in the Thabazimbi District, next to Marakele National Park. Lepogo is dedicated to entertain and educate young and old on "veld-living" and "veld-knowledge".

Genuine knowledge on South-African nature is something of the past as most of our cultural organizations are slowly disappearing. One of our goals is to physically introduce people to nature, for example, not only to name a tree but to know what different trees were used for, giving the family a chance to physically experience the feel, taste and uses of trees.

The same go for the rest of nature, soil, grass, wind, water and fire, giving them a "Blast-from-the-Past".

After taking part, as a family, in the panning history of Pilgrims Rest, we realized that a similar opportunity existed. Iron, tin and bronze were panned out of the streams on and in the surrounding area of Thabazimbi. This has opened up a new line of tourism for the area. There are also several historical sites in the area.

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