Mike offers a series of illustrated talks some of which are of interest to museums and heritage organisations. His latest talk is based on his biography of a pioneer woman museum director and naturalist, Dr Marjorie Courtenay-Latimer, the first director of the East London Museum (1931-1973). The book is called ‘Curator and Crusader. The Life and Work of Marjorie Courtenay-Latimer’ (Footprint Press, Cape Town; 2019). He has given this talk at the Hout Bay Museum, Simonstown Museum, Kalk Bay Historical Society and other venues, and most recently at the Montagu Museum.I He will be speaking at Iziko and the West Coast Fossil Park Museum in coming months.
Mike does not charge for his talks but requires some contribution to travel costs and the opportunity to offer his books for sale.

To book a talk contact Mike on +27 (0) 83 212 7609 | +27 (0) 21 685 6925 | mikefishesbruton@gmail.com | mike@mikebruton.co.za

Click here to view Mike's website. Below is a list of a few of his talks.

  • Sultans of Science: Islamic contributions to science and technology during the Golden Age of Islam. An overview based on my research for an international travelling exhibition and a new museum in Saudi Arabia.
  • When I was a Fish. Tales of an Ichthyologist. A fast-paced account of the adventures that I have had on several continents researching and conserving fishes, based on my autobiography of the same title. 
  • Boneshakers to Bloomers: an illustrated history of the bicycle. An illustrated talk on the evolution of one of humankind's greatest inventions, with comments on its social impact.
  • Brain Power: Boys vs Girls. A controversial and humorous talk on the structure and function of male and female brains, based on the latest research, bound to cause lively debate and discussion. 
  • What a Great Idea! Awesome South African Inventions. An illustrated overview of inventions and innovations made by South Africans at home and abroad, from prehistoric times to the present, based on my recent book with the same title.
  • The Fishy Smiths. An illustrated talk on the life and work of two extraordinary South African ichthyologists, Professors JLB and Margaret Smith, based on my recent book of the same title. 
  • Finding Old Fourlegs. The dramatic story of the discovery of the world's most famous fish, the coelacanth, based on my own experiences of researching old fourlegs in the Comoros, East Africa and South Africa, and on my recent books, 'The Annotated Old Fourlegs. The Updated Story of the Coelacanth' and 'The Amazing Coelacanth'
  • Is the Periodic Table the greatest scientific idea ever? An illustrated talk on the invention of the Periodic Table of the Chemical Elements by the Russian scientist, Dmitri Mendeleev, 150 years ago,  pecially prepared for the 2019 United Nations International Year of the Periodic Table.
  • Traditional Fishing Methods of Africa: An illustrated overview of the extraordinarily innovative fish-catching devices that have been invented by traditional fishermen in Africa, with comments on their importance for the conservation of fishes.

Almost all the above talks are based on books that I have recently published. I have not as yet published my work on Islamic inventions, brain power or the history of the bicycle but these topics will be discussed in the second volume of my autobiography 'Reflections of an Imagineer which I am currently writing.

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