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In the 1890s, Brixton and neighbouring Auckland Park were home to infamous slaughter houses, which were “without exception dirty and in bad condition and…a perfect disgrace”. So it must have been a relief when, in 1902, the suburb was surveyed for residential development and Brixton became a bustling, working class neighbourhood.

In the 1980s, Brixton was among the first suburbs in the city to throw off Apartheid segregation. Today, Brixton is one of Joburg’s most diverse communities and best kept secrets, populated by a mix of recent immigrants, students, and families who have lived here for generations. Church bells mix with the call to prayer, and the playground at Kingston Frost Park is often filled with children and parents chatting in multiple languages.

Join us on an exploration of Brixton past and present, its architecture, graffiti, and personalities. We’ll explore Brixton home interiors, churches, and backyards. The tour will also visit Brixton’s iconic alleyways, decorated with local art for the recent Brixton Light Festival, and an innovative gallery featuring art made from recycled materials.

Our tour guides are Thorsten Deckler, an architect, artist, and long-time Brixton resident, and his partner Heather Mason, a writer/photographer who writes the popular Joburg blog, 2Summers.

Artwork, refreshments, and snacks will be available for sale along the way.

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