Sunday, July 31, 2022 - 00:00

In March 2016 we were privileged to have the opportunity to interview a former inmate of the Old Klerksdorp Prison (i.e. the current Klerksdorp Museum building). The result is almost 4 hours of video that we shot while conducting the in-depth interview. This has now been converted to MP3 Audio format, and the Museum is busy transcribing the audio so that an accurate record of the interview will be available for research purposes.

And here is where we need your help. It takes a very long time to transcribe the audio files because:

  • The interviewee is an elderly gentleman and sometimes does not speak very clearly any more;
  • The audio needs to be transcribed exactly, with all the uhms and ahs and gramatical idiosyncrasies of both interviewee and interviewers, so that this can be an exact record of what was said. This is very important in terms of factual accuracy needed for research purposes.

We would like to request that you, our patrons and friends, assist us by contacting us via email (bertgaffen@vodamail.co.za). I will then provide you with an MP3 file or two and you will then have to transcribe it using the electronic template I will also provide. Thus we are appealing to interested persons who have the necessary technical know-how and equipment (i.e. a PC) and who are willing to donate some of their time to assist us in this.

Tuesday, July 5, 2022 - 13:58

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