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Otterley Press has several fantastic KZN heritage titles available. Click here to get your copies. Scroll down for the special.

1) Houses of Old Maritzburg by Jacqueline Kalley | Softcover | ISBN 978-0-6398375-5-0 | R750

A charming, often poignant account of the diverse homes of this richly historical city, this book captures a variety of architectural styles accompanied by the stories of the people who lived there, weaving a fascinating tapestry of Pietermaritzburg. Tastefully photographed to depict the exterior as well as interior of the large number of houses.



2) Farmhouses of Old Natal | Edited by Jacqueline Kalley | Softcover | ISBN: 978-0-6399070-0-0 | R695

This photographic and historical account harks back to the pioneer days of the province. Apart from Pietermaritzburg farmsteads, it documents the numerous and famous homes of the Midlands, as well as the Southern Drakensberg. These homes have a tale as enchanting as their beautiful surroundings.



3) The Trappist Missions: KwaZulu-Natal's Forgotten Treasure by Hugh Bland | Softcover | ISBN: 978-0-6399070-7-9 | R250

One of the gems of the province is the architectural legacy of the Trappist Order. The Missions were self-sustainable communities, with a unique and beautiful building style. The accompanying photographs capture their essence brilliantly.



Get a 10% discount if you order all 3 books (Total R1 625.50 including delivery Postnet to Postnet). Once again, click here to order.

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