Vredehoek Art Deco Buildings Cape Town
Saturday, September 23, 2017 - 10:53
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Western Cape
Cape Town
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The Greater Vredehoek Heritage Action Group
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Bradwell and Davenport Roads in Vredehoek are blessed with a large range of Art Deco buildings (click here to view location on google maps). There are few areas with such a large concentration of Art Deco buildings left in Cape Town giving the area a unique character. 


Daventry Court (The Heritage Portal)


Sherwood Court (The Heritage Portal)


Victory Court (The Heritage Portal)


The area is threatened by gentrification with developers building 5 and 6 storey flats with no sensitivity to existing buildings. These new flats often loom over existing Art Deco buildings (which have a max height of 3 storeys).


The change in scale is dramatic (The Heritage Portal)


The Greater Vredehoek Heritage Action Group believes that the area needs to move away from the current piece-meal planning approach. The group is pushing for a study on how best to densify the area without destroying its character and demolishing old buildings of value.

Source: 2017 Endangered Heritage Sites Nomination Form.

Please use this thread to add background and updates. Click here to view a series of photos of the remarkable buildings in the area.


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