Newcastle Methodist Church Prudhoe
Sunday, June 3, 2018 - 11:17
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Eastern Cape
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Colby Cockcroft
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Newcastle Church is one of the oldest churches in the Peddie region. It was built as a part of a planned fortified military town that was to be called Newcastle. The plan fell through and all that remained was the church and cemetery, a schoolbuilding and a cricket field. It became the meeting place for the community, and served them well for many years. The church fell into disuse in the 1980s when the region was taken over to become a part of the homeland called the Ciskei.

Why is the site endangered?

The church has been mostly abandoned and has been destroyed by both vandals and the elements. The church and cemetery has become overgrown with dense thorny thicket. The graves are overrun with bush, which is causing severe damage. Any further deterioration would be disastrous.

Potential Solutions

The most urgent requirement is for the bush to be cleared - this could be payed for by sponsors or could be done by a volunteer party. Signposts and noticeboards should be erected to attract and educate tourists, and perhaps raise some funds for repairs and maintenance.

Source: Endangered Heritage Site form submitted by Colby Cockcroft - 2 June 2018

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