Westcliff Stairs Blue Plaque - Kathy Munro - 2021

In 1902, the general plan for Westcliff provided public rights of way across its ridges. During the Great Depression of 1929-1933, the City Engineer, Mr E J Waugh, in a public works programme for the relief of poor whites, trained unemployed men to build the stone stairways using the hard quartzite found on site. In recent times, the stairs have become popular with a diversity of users for outdoor exercise.

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The first set of stairs can be found between Wexford Road (between 28 and 26 Wexford Road) and Pallinghurst Road. The second, shorter set can be found between Pallinghurst Road and Woolston Road. A third set of lesser-known stairs is found between the homes of Woolston Road leading back down onto Westlcliff Drive.

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Walking up and down the Westcliff Stairs (Archie  Barnwell)