Valley Road Plaque Jan Smuts Side - Heritage Portal - 2012

First called Prospect Terrace in 1904, it was renamed The Valley Road in 1917. This road links Oxford Road, originally a private road, with Government or Old Pretoria Road, later Jan Smuts Avenue (the original mail coach route from the Cape to Pretoria). The north stands were developed first. These enjoyed a view towards the plantation of the Sachsenwald, now Forest Town, Saxonwold and the Johannesburg Zoo. The Valley Road forms part of the Parktown Ridge Heritage Area, which is enhanced by the architectural influence of Sir Herbert Baker and his partners.

Acknowledgement is given to the financial assistance of The Valley Road Conservation Trust, which was founded by the late Taco Kuiper, who lived in The Bell House.

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The Valley Road, Parktown

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The Valley Road (The Heritage Portal)