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As part of the worldwide celebration of the 200th anniversary of Royal Doulton Potteries, Roodepoort Museum is showcasing its collection of Lambeth Stoneware, Slaters Patentware as well as the famous figurines and whimsical character jugs produced by the Royal Doulton Company over the past 200 years. Visitors to the exhibition will be able to see examples of the top-quality workmanship of Doulton designers like Mary Butterton, Florrie Jones, Hannah Barlow, Ethal Beard and J Hughes.  Also on display are examples of the exquisite Sung/ Flambé Ware designed by Fred Moore and Charles Noke.  Royal Doulton wares are timeless classics and will appeal to everyone.

For more information and to book your visit to the museum phone 011 761 0225. Please note the museum is open by appointment only.

Roodepoort  Museum is situated in the Civic Centre, 100 Christiaan de Wet Road, Florida Park.


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