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Arrangements for the congress are in full swing. We would like to encourage as many members and other interested persons as possible to attend, whether or not you present a paper. The presentations will be stimulating and there will be ample time between sessions, at the dinner and during the excursion for conversation and socialising. We have tried to keep the fee affordable to give everyone the opportunity to participate in all activities. We would like to remind you of the following particulars regarding the conference:

  • Place: Riebeek-Kasteel
  • Venue: Royal Hotel
  • Date & Times: 16 September 2022 (08h00) - 17 September 2022 (13h00)
  • Theme: The importance of visual sources for cultural history

The ways by which visual sources could contribute to solving certain questions, problems or puzzles within a specific study can be investigated. The fact that certain studies cannot be complete without the proof provided by visual sources can be explored.

Speakers could also indicate the role of styles and trends in cultural history through the ages in architecture, furniture, clothing, interiors, modes of transport or others, as can be derived from visual sources. 

Take note, the emphasis is on using visual sources as an integral part of research, and moving away from simply enhancing the appeal of a study with illustrations or pretty pictures.

Open section: In this section speakers may present papers on any subject of cultural historical interest, provided that it is the result of research.

Please send proposals as well as entry forms to Prof. Matilda Burden at mb4@sun.ac.za

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