The text in the reproduction of the book remains the original of Prof. Colin Coetzee. However, all the paintings, maps and diagrams are now in full colour with additional paintings as well as articles on various subjects, common to the period at the time.

The book is printed on demand and is an ideal publication for military and history enthusiasts as it contains considerable information on the lesser-known yet vital wars in 19th century South Africa.

The book relates to the fortifications on the Eastern Frontier and is an authoritative, well-researched reference work - although not anecdotal. The research material, obtained by Prof. Colin Coetzee, was drawn from original British archival sources and from many works of contemporary writers - some of them actual eyewitnesses during the construction of the military posts.

The aims were to indicate the exact nature of the forts, why they were erected where they were sited, how they related to the broader trends of Eastern Cape frontier history and how their existence affected the lives of the British soldiers who manned them as well as those of the Xhosa against whom they were erected.

Attached to the book is 70 pages on ‘Sir Harry Smith’s Fortified Villages’ and a rare 12 page document on the ‘Massacre on Christmas Day 1850’.

  • The book, in hard cover and comprising approx 800 pages, is priced at R1250,00 which includes post & packaging in South Africa.
  • As the book is printed on demand, a period of one week can be expected from receipt of payment to postage.
  • As there are only two copies available, a discounted price of R1000 per copy is offered if purchased before the end of June 2021.
  • If interested please reply by email. or
  • For further publications by Tony Westby-Nunn, or contact by phone: 083 444 4662


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