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Friday, August 19, 2016 - 17:44
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Modderfontein Conservation Society

This thread was initially created for Frans Hoenig House (see photo above and text below). Activists on the ground have expanded their area of concern to the entire Modderfontein Precinct. A Heritage Impact Assessment was commissioned in October 2017 encompassing 22 sites within the Modderfontein Heritage Precinct. The community will be following the various processes closely to ensure the entire site is dealt with sensitively.

Please used this thread to add background and updates. 

Below is the original text for Frans Hoenig House:

A brochure issued at the time of the acquisition of the property by Zendai contained artist's impressions of what development could look like. This site would be bounded by a huge stadium like structure, being a proposed University. This structure would dominate the immediate environment, and dwarf Hoenig Haus. Although the development might not take place in the immediate future , it does indicate the lack of empathy for Heritage structures by the developers.

The lack of communication from the developers has been a hindrance in efforts made to retain other items of heritage value.


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