Rosendal Blue Plaque - Nikeel Gokul

Rosendal, designed in 1988 by architect Michael Sutton, is a townhouse scheme in the Highveld vernacular. Its simplicity and human scale reflect lessons Sutton learned while working with Steffan Ahrens early in his career, and which he developed in a series of low-rise projects in Johannesburg, starting in the 1960s. Rosendal displays a playful combination of Cape Dutch references and post-modern details, for instance in the corbelled brick arch (visible from the road), stepped gables and varied placement of windows, which break the uniformity typical of rowhouse form.

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47 Bath Avenue, Rosebank

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Rosendal Signage and Blue Plaque (Kathy Munro)


Rosendal Gables (Brenda Williams)


Entrance to north passage with corbelled brick arch (Brenda Williams)