Moses Tladi Blue Plaque - Kathy Munro

Moses Tladi, the first black landscape painter in the traditional realist mode, came to Johannesburg in 1920. Employed by Herbert Read as a gardener on this property, then known as Lokshoek, he began painting here. Read showed his work to neighbour Howard Pim, who introduced Tladi to the Polly Street Art Group. In 1931 he became the first Black artist to exhibit at the National Gallery in Cape Town. Tladi served in the Union Defence Force during World War II, and continued painting until 1956 when he was forced from his home in Kensington B by the apartheid laws and he never pained again.

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6 Anerley Rd, Parktown

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Photograph of the Blue Plaque (Kathy Munro)


Photograph of Lokshoek (Kathy Munro)