Moot House Plaque - The Heritage Portal - 2013

Built for Richard Feetham in 1906 and designed by Baker, Masey and Sloper, this was the first house to be erected on this street. Feetham was brought to Johannesburg in 1902 as deputy town clerk - one of a group of Oxford graduates (Milner's Kindergarten) who were to assist in the reconstruction of the Transvaal after the Anglo-Boer War. This house became their meeting place. Here they drafted the Selbourne Memorandum, precursor to the Union of South Africa. Feetham was town clerk for four years, represented Parktown in parliament, served in the Cape Coloured Corps in World War I and become Judge-President of Natal and Chancellor of the University of the Witwatersrand. He lived here until 1922.

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47 The Valley Road, Parktown

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Moot House (The Heritage Portal)


Photographs of Moot House (Kathy Munro)