Blue Plaque 17 Heidelberg Heritage Association - Goedehoop Koshuis

The houses on 73 and 75 Fenter Street became the “Goede-hoop-koshuis” of the “Volkskool”. This was to supplement the orphanage and private home boarding. By the end of 1911 there were 32 pupils accommodated here, 16 girls in the old orphanage and 38 pupils in private lodgings. Mr Cronjé was the first house father, who eventually became the principle of “Volkskool”. There was still a shortage of accommodation and the Excelsior Hostel was established in the 4 houses on the corner of Church (HF Verwoerd) and West Streets, by Mr D.J.M. Jordaan.

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73-75 Fenter Street, Heidelberg

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