Baptist Church of Troyeville Blue Plaque - Sticky Situations - 2017

On this site, in 1897, the Baptist Church of Troyeville was founded in a small wood and iron building known as "The Tin Tabernacle." The present church building was begun in 1909, designed by the architect Alan Monsbourgh using good materials and excellent craftsmanship. The joinery is outstanding. The spire, by MacDonald Sinclair, was erected in 1911 and is topped by an interesting combination of a cross and a Star of David. This plaque was erected to mark the church's 120th anniversary in 2017, at which time the church continued as an active congregation, reaching out into the surrounding community.

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3 Dawe Street, Troyeville

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The Church (Johannesburg Heritage Foundation)


Entrance and Blue Plaque (Sticky Situations)