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We believe we have an important role to play, as architects, in the shaping of the environment in which we live, in order to create better life for all. Ntsika Architects is a design-driven practice that strives at becoming a ‘model of excellence’ in every respect of design and business. We are committed to designing great buildings for our clients and improving the environment for the end-users and greater public. We believe that good design transforms the quality of the environment and aim to provide an architecture that is innovative, sustainable, an imaginative response to context and a pleasure to experience. 

Our primary focus is on advocating social justice through architectural practice and built form. Through the lens of social justice, our research focuses is the interrogation of the lack of quality public spaces and buildings within marginalized communities in Johannesburg. Our built projects challenge this status quo and starts to redefine the role of the architect within the South African context. 

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