The National Heritage Council (NHC) learned with appreciation news of the President's recognition of AmaMpondomise Kingdom.  

“As a heritage body, we believe that this is an important step in the restoration of the dignity of amaMpondomise and concludes the era that ended with King Mhlontlo's deposal.  It should conclude the terrible era of indirect rule and dependency” says Adv. Sonwabile Mancotywa the Chief Executive of the NHC.

This development is another opportunity to ensure that all rural communities benefit from systematic equity and redress beyond recognition of their kingships.  

Quality of rural life must urgently be improved in partnership with tradtional communities. The pandemics of poverty, inequality, partriarchy, gender based violence and disease must be conquered in these communities. Rural people must enjoy the rights and benefits of a constitutional democracy wherever they are.

The NHC hopes that this historic development will usher in a period of unification, common purpose and fast tracked conservation with sustainable development for all Mpondomise people.  We invite the diverse leaders of amaMpondomise community to leverage this as a moment of dignity, a moment of unity, a moment of sisterhood and brotherhood. 

This positive development will open avenues for growth in cultural affairs, prestige and standing of Mpondomise communities.

Mancotywa adds, “The NHC respects this important community as a home to a rich intangible cultural heritage; expression of cultural diversity and keepers of sites that have exceptional national and international significance.  NHC and its partners will work with Amampondomise community to unearth, package and coordinate these whenever possible.”

The Amampondomise territory is home to exceptional testimony of the dialogue and conflict of civilisations. It also hosts a number of historic schools, missions and sites of resistance.  Amampondomise are related by blood, cattle, language, land and history to all the peoples of Southern Africa.

We pledge to work with the leadership of the Kingdom and all its components to achieve realisation of sustainable development goals - unlock cultural heritage wealth of this community and build on the rich connections that already exist.

The NHC hopes that remaining questions of Kingships for other communities will be resolved soonest as we build a socially cohesive society united in our diversity and a people proud of their African Heritage.

Issued by: The National Heritage Council of South Africa (NHC)

Tuesday, July 28, 2020 - 15:22

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