In 1978 at the age of 18, Christo Brand was sent to work as a prison warden on Robben Island in South Africa. There he would meet for the first time, a man who would change his life. Nelson Mandela was then 60 years of age and serving a life sentence.

How was it possible for a young white prison warden and his prisoner not to become bitter enemies? Instead the two men developed an unlikely relationship which was to become so much more. A close, lasting friendship built on trust and mutual respect for each other that would remain intact following Mandela’s release and appointment as President.

As we celebrate Mandela Day and Madiba’s 102nd birthday, join historian and best-selling author Dr. Dean Allen in conversation with Christo Brand and hear first-hand the incredible story of a life with Mandela. ‘From Prisoner to President’ is a remarkable tale about two South African men. One black, one white. One Xhosa, one Afrikaans, whose unlikely friendship represented, in many ways, the future hopes of a united South Africa.

Please join us for this special event to celebrate the life of a remarkable man with someone who knew him better than most. Tickets from just R75 available here.

Nelson Mandela believed that education could change the world. This event is in support of the YES (Youth Education and Support) Trust that supports students from underprivileged backgrounds through higher education. If you are able, please provide a donation. Many thanks for your kind support.

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