Every morning, we go for a walk through Jeppestown and Kensington and the garbage problem is getting worse unfortunately. We have such a love for old buildings and we know the area has rich historical value. 

There are many reasons we have initiated the community bin project in these suburbs including uplifting the community, addressing environmental and health concerns and confronting water and air pollution (the garbage often gets burnt out of desperation). Click here to visit our facebook page.

People are using our bins which is extremely encouraging and motivates us to install more. See the before and after images below to see the results.


Community bins can make a massive difference


We are in the process of creating an NPO and have drafted a Constitution and opened a bank account in the Community Bin name. Once we get our NPO number and PBO number we can circulate the information.  In the meantime, we are all volunteers and all donations are out of our own pockets. If anybody wants to donate, the banking details are as follows:

Community in Project NPO
FNB account number: 62908431266
Branch - Bedford Gardens - 252 155
Reference - Name of donor

If any donors need a bank confirmation letter, I will gladly send it to them.

Our funding drive is to pay for more bins, the technology components (camera, sensor light and voice recording sensor - this voice recording asks people to use the bins and not to litter), a private company to empty the bins and we are busy getting a skip trailer built.

Antionette Botha - antionette@communitybin.org.za

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Tuesday, August 24, 2021 - 06:01

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