I have just come across a photo on the internet of a statue erected to Ignatius (Leopold) Ferreira, the progenitor of the Ferreiras in South Africa, including the person after whom Ferreira's Camp in Johannesburg was named. Unfortunately, there is no information about the statue accompanying the photo. I was wondering if anyone knows its whereabouts? I attach a copy of an image that appeared on Pinterest. Someone suggested it may be in Cape Town?



I'm particularly interested as he is my 5x great-grandfather. I have read that the name, 'Leopold' does not appear on any official document but that he was commonly known as 'Ignatius Leopold Ferreira'.

If anyone has information I would be most grateful. I would love to see the statue if it is still around.

Liz - lizfinnie@gmail.com

Thursday, August 15, 2019 - 10:15

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