I was wondering if anyone has any information on the history of the Daspoort Tunnel in Pretoria and its connection to a Pretoria Councillor called Ollie Denysschen. I haven't been able to find much about the background and history of this Tunnel and the connection to Denysschen who's idea it was to build it. (Just his idea or was he the designer, architect?)

I have found the following reference that his name could be A.P. Denysschen and that he was a Mayor or Councillor of Pretoria in the 1970s (article found on Facebook site: Saartjie Klipkop August 6, 2016 · Pretoria, South Africa - Daspoort Tunnel):

The Ollie Deneyschen Tunnel, usually called the Daspoort Tunnel is a road tunnel in Pretoria, South Africa. It connects the suburbs of Claremont and Danville. It was constructed after Pretoria City Councillor A.P. Deneyschen noticed that Iscor workers living in Hercules were forced to travel a long distance to work. Construction of the tunnel took 40 months, and cost R1.7 million. It was opened on 10 August 1972 by Mayor of Pretoria GJ Malherbe. It has a length of 573 m, width of 11.6 m, a height of 7.5 m in the middle and 13.6 m at the ends, and has a capacity of 6000 vehicles a day. The tunnel lies on the R55 regional route.

I'm looking for anything on this man and his family heritage. (The surname is sometimes spelt as Deneyschen, Dennysen, De Nysschen or Dennyschene) I'm also trying to link him to a Willem Jacobus De Nysschen 1910-1967 (who preferred to be called William Dennyschene) who was a Journalist or Editor at the Natal Mercury Newspaper. I think they were brothers but need proof.

I would be grateful if anyone from the community could point me in the right direction. I have approached the History Dept of the Pretoria University but they weren't able toassist.

Thank you in advance.

Carol Gainsford | carolgainsford@hotmail.com

Monday, March 25, 2019 - 05:35

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