We know that it is not a “magic wand” that will solve all our problems, but it is a step in the right direction. We are disappointed to note that the Amendments proposed by Cllr Sotashe were rejected, 144 to 40. We had requested that Cllr Sotashe raise these issues after a Community Meeting held on Tuesday evening, 26 March 2019 in Bo-Kaap on the HPOZ. We want to thank Cllr Sotashe for taking our request to Council and we say BAIE TRAMAKASIE to those Councilors that supported his/our Amendments. We again call on the Mayor to launch an independent investigation into the deliberate delay of the HPOZ, the reasons why and who benefitted. We further call for a moratorium on all development approved or pending while this investigation is happening, and we await the findings. Our community have been negatively impacted by this deliberate delay and we want reparations.

Bo-Kaap is a working-class area with a rich diverse history and heritage. We have mostly pensioners in our area that can ill afford the high rates and taxes. A Rates rebate for Historical Bo-Kaap Residents given that:

  • These are homes which have been owned and are still owned by working class families for generations that have suddenly increased in value due to market value. A value that will not be realised as the people of Bo-Kaap do not want to sell.
  • Bo-Kaap is a living heritage area. The residents are a big part of the heritage. High rates have forced pensioners and working-class families to sell their home. (Economic Forced Removal reminiscent / Apartheid Forced Removals). This has led to the living culture and heritage of Bo-Kaap being systematically destroyed.
  • We want to remind the Mayor that the people of Bo-Kaap wants to be actively involved in the working out of the precinct plan as part of the HPOZ for Bo-Kaap.

We thank the Mayor and the council for taking this positive step in the right direction.

Osman Shaboodien Chairperson
29 March 2019

Saturday, March 30, 2019 - 21:30

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