It is with delight that we announce that Heritage Western Cape has agreed that all buildings in Church Street Tulbagh will be upgraded to Grade II Provincial heritage sites (previously Grade III Local heritage sites) and the whole street will thus be placed on the National heritage register!

Furthermore, the individual historic buildings in Van der Stel Street (the Main Road and its buffer area) were also given new gradings between Grade II and III a, b and c sites of local significance. There are only a handful of buildings that were declared as not having any heritage significance and were thus ungradable.

Finally it was the decision of the Council that the whole of central Tulbagh would be best protected by a municipal Heritage Protection Overlay Zone to be administered by Witzenberg Municipality. This decision must now be ratified by the Witzenberg Town council so that the protections become enforceable.

Tulbagh Valley Heritage Foundation - 8 February 2019

Tuesday, February 12, 2019 - 16:52

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