NZASM Structures of the Rand Tram
Historical Conservation in South Africa - An Unmitigated Disaster?
Cape Colony Convict Stations and Road Construction Crews
What did Johannesburg look like in 1889?
The Fascinating History of Randburg
What’s in a name? Pushing for a more nuanced and dynamic understanding of historical names
A Brief History of Windybrow
Springs - Art Deco's Love Child
Sammy Marks Museum - The Survival of a Grand Century Old Estate
Controversy and Debate Continues - Herbert Prins gives his thoughts on the Martin Melck Warehouse Saga
The Cape to Cairo Railway Dream
The Pretorial Station Swastika Debate
Kathy Munro visits one of the top libraries in the world!
Inside San Remo Yeoville
Blockhouses of the South African War
Advice on Wooden Floor Restoration
Montagu Pass - The Final Link
The Outeniqua Choo-Tjoe - Something to chew on
Interlude on the Narrow Gauge
The Big Fiery Giant - The Story of the Beyer-Garratt Locomotive
The Tanzania - Zambia Railway
Benguela - More than just a current
Streaks of Rust Across the Veld - The Demise of the Branch Lines
Hugh Lane's Vision for the Johannesburg Art Gallery
A New Era Dawns - The first fifteen years of the South African Railways (SAR)
Railways from War's End to Union (1902-1910)
Railways at War
Race for the Rand
Inside Village Walk Sandton
Inside Sutton Place Sandton
Inside Chadrien Place Sandton
Cape Gauge - From Ox-wagon to Iron Horse
Johannesburg Sun - Planning Africa's Biggest Hotel
When is Johannesburg's Birthday?
Nighttime at the Johannesburg Zoo (and some history)
The History of Panners Lane Sandton
The Weber Family at Driefontein Farm Sandton
Early Settlers and Prospectors in Sandton
Restoration of the South African War Memorial Saxonwold
The Recovery of an Element of Cape Town’s Lost Transportation Heritage
The First English Church Across the Vaal
Hard Rock Mining in South Africa - The Cornish Connection
Norscot Manor - Built on a scale few could afford today!
Zonderwater - Almost certainly the Largest Allied POW Camp in the World
Editing Our Past
Plague, Gandhi and the Parliamentary Clerk's Daughter
Some Remarkable History in Coega
Why we should observe Remembrance Day in South Africa
Northcliff Hill - Then and Now
The Significance of Northcliff Hill