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The Rand Airport was opened in August 1935, and was immediately acknowledged by The Times as one of the Empire’s most modern and best equipped airports. The Terminal building is a masterpiece of streamlined moderne design, its hovering cantilevers and supporting columns evoking an aircraft undercarriage. The Times reported that passengers leaving London on Wednesdays arrived at Germiston on the Thursday afternoon of the following week – Johannesburg was now a mere 8 days away from the centre of the Empire!

80 years later, Johannesburg has developed into a regional aviation hub, and the airport and its frenetic pace have decamped to less evocative buildings in Kempton Park, but Rand Airport still performs an important role in the charter aviation industry, and its buildings – startlingly white cubist and rounded forms – are still a delight to behold.

Join us on a tour exploring the history of flight on the Rand, and the remarkable group of buildings comprising Rand Airport.

Email Eira to book - mail@joburgheritage.co.za

GUIDES: David Gurney
TIME: 14h00
PARK: Rand Airport, on Rand Airport Road, Germiston
COST: R100 for members and R170 for non-members 
DURATION: Approximately 2 hours

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