KlipSA (Klipriviersberg Sustainability Association)

The southern areas of Johannesburg include large open tracts of unspoilt land stretching from the Klipriviersberg Range of hills in the north to the Klip River further south. The area is rich in natural resources, varying from the beautifully wooded Klipriviersberg range of hills, to grasslands and wetlands and to prolific birdlife along the Klip River, a tributary of the Vaal. It contains red data species as well as numerous heritage sites, such as the klipcon Mapruins of the dwellings of Sotho/Tswana people who lived there 300 and more years ago, an old Voortrekker farmstead, Boer war fortifications and sites of interest from the gold rush days. The Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve, 680 hectares in extent and the largest proclaimed nature reserve in Johannesburg, lies at the centre of the area. The reserve, in which a variety of game roams freely, is an urban conservation jewel, is owned by the City of Johannesburg and is managed with the assistance of the Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve Association (KNRA). The wider area has considerable tourism, recreational, cultural, educational and developmental potential, but needs proper and careful environmental management and protection from untoward development. With this in mind, landowners and residents in the area are establishing the Klipriviersberg Conservancy to protect, promote and enhance the natural value and assets of the area.


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