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Thirteen decades span our history, 
Thirteen decades of intrigue and mystery. 
You know this City, you have its measure, 
You love its streets, its sky, always azure.

Solve the puzzles to find the plaques 
And the historic gems they mark.
Put together they lead to treasure, 
The goal of our endeavours.

So, will you accept the challenge
And join us on this quest? 
Then form your team, apply your minds 
And travel north, east, south and west.

Meet: Adam Golding and Mark Straw

Park: To be advised (mail@joburgheritage.co.za)

Time: 2.00 pm

Duration: Approximately 3 hours

Cost: R200 per team

Maximum No: 15 teams of up to 5 people per team

Contact Eira mail@joburgheritage.co.za to book

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