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Over the years we have witnessed severe damage and the tragic loss of priceless Heritage buildings due to fires or other natural disasters. Due to outdated documentation/drawings, the reconstruction or repairs of a damaged building often proves difficult to reproduce to the same level of accuracy or detail. Furthermore, insurance claim disputes often arise due to insufficient documentation of as-built conditions and included assets, equipment, furniture etc. Protecting and recording the past so that we can pass on our heritage to future generations to enjoy, Modena understands the importance of heritage recording and minimising the risk of damage to historic sites.

Using the latest laser scanning technology, we are able to capture heritage buildings, monuments or sites in highly accurate detail. All data captured on site can be archived for historic records or used to create RAW scan Imagery, 2D CAD drawings or 3D BIM Models. 3D Point Cloud laser scanning provides the following major benefits for Heritage Buildings:

  • Highly accurate 3D surveyed representation of an entire building or buildings.
  • Ability to create detailed 3D model and up to date drawings for reconstruction or council plans (if required in the future).
  • Verification of included assets for insurance claims.
  • Laser scanning provides extraordinarily precise 3D digital surface models of movable artifacts, buildings, site terrains, and even entire landscapes. It’s ability to cost effectively provide accurate and highly detailed documentary data in minimal amounts of time has largely contributed to its rising popularity.
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