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On 10 June 2017 Saving South African History (SSAH), headed by Jono Rudolph, Taks Jordaan and Piet Lombard visited Elandskop Museum in Petrus Steyn and donated artefacts to the museum's cause. According to the founding member, Jono Rudolph, this is part of the Saving South Africa History mission to assist in efforts to preserve and protect and bring to the attention what is left of South African history and heritage across every community in South Africa.

Saving South African History is very proud of Twin Mosia, a young heritage activist, founding member and curator of Elandskop Museum. Having successfully registered a museum established in his community of Petrus Steyn.

We will continue to support this man's vision and would like to see locals become more proud of their heritage like Twin has. The finds have been donated by various farm owners in the Riemland district in support of the initiative.

The museum runs according to ICOM's ( International Council of Museums) standards and guidelines.

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