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Western Cape Region Regional Conference and Annual General Meeting. The Relevance of Museums located within Cultural Heritage Landscapes.

The SAMA Western Cape (WC) Conference will be held at the Old Harbour Museum, Whale House Lecture Room, Hermanus from Thursday 9 June to Friday 10 June 2016.

The 2016 SAMA WC Regional Conference invites papers on the broad theme of, Museums located within a multi-layered Cultural Heritage Landscape and the following sub-themes:

  1. Western Cape Museums as interpretation centres of local, provincial and national heritage.
  2. Museum and heritage practitioners sharing knowledge through their outreach programmes, research, scientific activities, exhibitions and their collections.
  3. They are seen as the actors that advocate a balance between conservation, protection and sustainable development in consultation with partners in urban and landscape planning.
  4. Museums and heritage practitioners provide centres and platforms for the education of cultural and natural heritage landscapes.
  5. They are the custodians of all the values contained and embedded within a particular cultural heritage landscape.
  6. Cultural landscapes: intangible/living heritage and im/movable heritage (Pertaining to all forms of indigenous knowledge and oral traditions associated with tangible heritage. This can include music, medicinal knowledge, scared practices, traditional architecture etc.)
  7. Museums, cultural landscapes and community participation (The partnership of museums with non-governmental organisations, non-profit organisations; the contribution of affore mentioned community structures, museum programmes within communities that focus on culture, heritage and museums in communities.)

Presentation on conference papers
The duration of each presentation shall not exceed 20 minutes. Please honour the time-limit. Provision has been made for automatic time-keeping at the conference.

Download the pdf below for full details including contact details.

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