City Bowl Ratepayers and Residents Association (CIBRA)

CIBRA represents the community of the City Bowl, especially in municipal matters. As the official civic association for the area, it receives from the City ofCape Town copies of various current processes or applications advertised to the more directly affected residents or property owners. CIBRA then follows these processes, ensuring that they are executed properly and fairly, inform affected residents of the issues at hand, of their rights and the procedures afforded to them.

CIBRA is also invited to comment on or contribute to the drafting of policies. It speaks out on issues of general interest such as the environment, noise and pollution control, traffic, business encroachment, urban conservation and brings local problems to the City’s attention.

Our function is part watchdog, part liaison, part information gathering, part analysis for comments.

How does it work: An executive committee of 16 members drawn from volunteers is elected at each AGM. Portfolios are drawn up to deal with the various types of issues and distributed among the Exco members. CIBRA also relies on an Advisory Panel of professionals in matters of town planning and urban conservation. Additional members can also be temporarily co-opted for specific tasks, projects or issues.

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