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I am leading a project for the Africa Centre in Cape Town which  aims to increase the quality and quantity of African content on Wikipedia by training and supporting young, black men and women to become passionate Wikipedians who will help address this challenge and get more local content on Wikipedia.

We are focusing on three provinces: EC, NC and OFS

I am currently looking for young, engaged and passionate Wikipedians who would be interested in researching and writing this content, on a part time/spare time basis. They will receive training, support and a stipend for their efforts. 

Some context: Currently most of the Wiki content on South Africa is very traditional and/or written by Americans and Europeans. We aim to change that with content that looks at both historical and contemporary culture and history with an African lens.

Who we are looking for to become Wikipedians: Passionate researchers and writers who would love to suggest, research, edit and write fresh and exciting content that is linked to those three provinces. It could be about the unsung female heroes who drove protests (past and present) in South Africa or black concentration camps during the Anglo Boer war (both topics already in the works). Or maybe its about important and overlooked authors/artists/monuments in an area. There is so little content that the playing field is so wide and open! It will depend on your area of interest. 

I am currently recruiting for our training at the end of June so would like to secure these slots soonest.

Contact Cat - catp@africacentre.net


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