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Mrs Ball of chutney fame lived in the Fish Hoek avenues where she once produced chutney in increasingly large volumes to supplement the meagre pension of her late husband. She was born on 23 March 1865 and died on 19 1962.

In true South African warm hospitality and Afrikaans ‘gasvryheid’, and in the spirit of the Fish Hoek 100 and Beyond celebrations, the Heritage Cluster, supported by the Rotary Club Cape of Good Hope, is inviting you to join us on the 23 March 2018 when we will celebrate the birthday of Mrs Ball, acknowledge her achievements and pay tribute to her and her family, who still live in Fish Hoek.  

You are therefore cordially invited to join us at the Museum for a late afternoon event from 5pm to about 7pm. The event will include the unveiling of a plaque commemorating her legacy and the cutting of a large savoury birthday cake. 

A commemorative item will be given to those who attend.

Everyone is asked to bring a small plate of eats to share (for max 4 people) and to bring your own eating utensils, plates, serviettes,  drink of choice and a chair. Cooked food suggestions are bobotie, curry and/or chicken tikka. Chutney will be supplied.

This will be a signature event with a difference and we would be delighted if you could attend.

Fee: there is no entrance fee but donations are welcome.

Please RSVP asap with your commitment to be there to Alan Lindner at fhvalley.historical.secretary@gmail.com

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