02/28/2017 - 00:00

It would be greatly appreciated if anyone could provide information on the establishment of a sanitarium at Karridene on the KZN South Coast by Karri Davies during World War 1. I have come across only one reference to this which is in Eric Rosenthal's "Encyclopaedia of Southern Africa" (1978) and would be glad of any further information regarding this topic.

There is a great deal of information regarding Karri Davies (also spelt "Davis") on the Internet regarding his part in the Jameson Raid (for which he was imprisoned) and his part in the Anglo-Boer War (he established the Imperial Light Horse Regiment and was one of the first to liberate Mafeking in May 1900). However, there is little about his establishment of the sanitarium for miners with miners phthisis at Karridene.

Any piece of information about this would be gladly received at email address beaemgm25@yahoo.com.au

Belinda Eisenhauer (Freelance Librarian)

Mon, 11/21/2016 - 08:59

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