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In order to promote the management of heritage resources at a local level, Heritage Western Cape must encourage Local Authorities to make inventories of their heritage resources and declare heritage areas in terms of Sections 30 and 31 of the National Heritage Resources Act, Act 25 of 1999, (the NHRA). HWC has accordingly made regulations to provide for the public participation process required in order to place a heritage resource on the register and to declare a heritage area. These regulations are accordingly being published for comment from the general public. 

Click here to view draft regulations.

Any person or organisation wishing to comment on the draft Regulations is requested to submit the comments in writing before or on 19 February 2018

(a)  by posting it to The Chief Executive Officer Heritage Western Cape Private Bag X9067 Cape Town 8000

(b)  by hand delivery to: The Chief Executive Officer Heritage Western Cape, 3rd Floor, Protea Assurance Building Green Market Square, Cape Town 8001

(c)  by emailing it to: Penelope.Meyer@westerncape.gov.za For attention: Ms Penelope Meyer

Public Participation
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