Heritage Association of South Africa (HASA)

Simon v. d. Stel Foundation, known today as Heritage Association of South Africa, was founded in 1959. We are the largest and oldest conservation lobby in South Africa. Our objective are:

To be an umbrella body for all associates
dedicated to the principles and objectives of the National Heritage Resources Act, 25 of 1999.

To advocate and make publicly aware the need for the conservation of the heritage resources of South Africa by all means possible including the use of public digital media and an internet based website.

To liaise and co-operate with other organisations and structures having an interest in the conservation of heritage resources in South Africa.

To provide a national perspective and collective opinion on matters of conservation of heritage resources in South Africa when approached to do so, or on its own initiative.

To recognize the contribution of individuals, associations and corporate bodies’ life time commitment and contribution to the objectives of this organization by the awarding of national awards and gold medals.

Organisation Type: 
Preservation Organisation
Organisation Location: 
South Africa General

If any of these details are out of date please email jamesball01@gmail.com