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To celebrate the completion of the repair and restoration tasks we are embarking on an ambitious 150th Anniversary Celebrations on October 20, 21 & 22. On October 20 at 14h00 we are laying a flower token on each and every grave to honour those who have gone before. That evening there will be an Auction at the Pig and Whistle Inn in Bathurst with Jeremy Mansfield as Auctioneer, to raise funds for the ongoing Church Repairs. 

Saturday October 20 starting at 11h00 will be a full day of music and song, ending at 15h30. Graeme College Steel Band, Scottish Dancing, Kentones Male Choir, Keiskamma Music Academy, DSG and St Andrews Wind Orchestra, Alfred Mnaba Choir are all part of the line-up. 

On Sunday October 22 there will be a Celebratory Holy Communion with our Circuit Minister and District Bishop presiding. At 12h00 a wreath will be laid in honour of the Nottingham Party. We end off the Celebrations with a High Tea. Click here for full details.


Clumber Church

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