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The MEC for Sport Recreation, Arts and Culture in the Eastern Cape Province, acting in terms of the powers vested in her by section 35(5) of the Museums Act (Eastern Cape), 2004 (Act No 7 of 2004) has invited interested parties to nominate candidates for appointment to serve as members of the Boards of Trustees for the Eastern Cape Museums.

This is a specific call for nominations from the members of the Makhanda (Grahamstown) / Makana Local Municipality community to serve as Board of Trustees of the Albany Museum.

The members of the Board of Trustees are appointed by the MEC from the nominations process. The function of the Board is to be an Accounting Authority for museums, overseeing its administrative, financial accounting, risk management and other legal compliances as well as its performance within mandated core functions and public services. The Board of Trustees meets on a quarterly basis. At this stage appointed members would render their services on a voluntary basis and would only be compensated, as the MEC may determine, for reasonable and necessary travelling and accommodation costs incurred in rendering such services.

Nominees must be South African, at least 21 years of age, and reside within the Local Municipality (Makana Local Municipality).

Nominees may be nominated by any member of the public.

Nominators are required to submit a detailed motivation of the nominee, as well as their curriculum vitae containing full names, address, telephone and fax numbers or email address and the acceptance letter from the nominee.

The Board of Trustees of Albany Museum is selected from a range of backgrounds and expertise, reflecting the breadth and complexity of the Museum’s work. 

Members of the public are encourage to nominate those who have a special interest in the Museum with the following fields of knowledge and expertise: Financial management qualifications and expertise;

  • Legal qualifications and expertise;
  • Expertise related to humanities and natural history in which the museum is engaged;
  • Qualification and experience in either education, communication (including PR and Marketing) or tourism

A call is therefore made for all Grahamstown members of the public that are interested in becoming part of the oldest museum in the Eastern Cape to put their nominations forward. The nominations are now open from Thursday, 20 September and will close on Friday, 28 September.

Hardcopies of the nomination forms can be dropped off at the Albany Museum Natural Sciences Building. For further information please contact Manzi Vabaza or Celeste Booth on 046-622 3212 or email m.vabaza@am.org.za or c.booth@am.org.za.

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