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The Linden walk is an historical walk through the village. Thrilled to announce that the tour will start and end at the delectable Whippet! The 3km walk is conducted at a leisurely pace. It covers Linden’s place in the history of Johannesburg as a gold rush boom town; we talk about the well known, and the lesser known people who have made Linden their home. You will also hear those unwritten stories that carved out the suburb's identity. And should you have a story to share, you are welcome to tell.

  • Price: R50pp and includes one FREE drink and Whippets famous milk tart
  • Start location: Whippet Linden c/o 7th Street and 4th Avenue
  • Start time: 13:30 (9 May 2020)
  • Parking: on street in 7th Street or 4th Avenue
  • Duration: just over 2 hours, and then we we end the walk with a drink and milk tart
  • Booking: SMS Sarita on 0783776688
  • There will be a limit of 12 people that can attend this tour, in order to ensure that everyone can hear and participate. Don't wait, book your space now! Drinks include coffee (Cappuccino or Americano) – short, or bottle of sparkling or still water The milk tart cannot be exchanged for anything else. 
  • Who this walk is for? Anyone who wants to avoid a commercial excursion, likes to explore, is interested in community history and able to stay on their feet at least 2.5 hours. 
  • Please bring: own water, hat, sunscreen, comfortable shoes. Refrain from wearing valuables during the tour.
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