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In the 1890s Brixton and neighbouring Auckland Park, were home to infamous “slaughter houses” which were “without exception dirty and in bad condition and… a perfect disgrace”. So it must have been a relief when, in 1902, the suburb was surveyed for residential development.  Its proximity to both the City and the mines ensured that stands were soon sold and built on, and it developed into a bustling, working class neighbourhood. So it comes as no surprise then that residents were involved in the 1922 strike - in a dramatic episode strikers were driven off the Brixton ridge where their positions were bombarded by artillery and by attacks from the air.

In the 1980s it would be among the first suburbs in the City to throw off apartheid segregation, and today it stands on the cusp on another dramatic change, and is likely to see densification and transformation of its fabric as part of the Corridors of Freedom initiative.

Join us on an exploration of Brixton past and present, its architecture and personalities.

Our tour takes place on one of Brixton’s wonderful community days, and tea and cake will be available for purchase.

Email mail@joburgheritage.co.za to book

GUIDES:  David Gurney and John-John de Castro

PARK: On the street, at the corner of Putney and Wimbledon

TIME: 14h00

DURATION: 3 hours

COST: R90.00 for members and R150.00 for non-members


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