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Mahatma Gandhi came to Johannesburg as a young 24-year-old lawyer in 1893. He remained in the country, with short visits to England and India, for 21 years, 12 of them spent in Joburg. It was in the town in the early 1900s that he developed his passive resistance or Satyagraha movement, which he took to the world in 1914 when he left. Come with me and walk in Gandhi's footsteps in the city: see where he lived in the suburbs, where he had his legal chambers in the CBD, where he encouraged his followers to burn their discriminatory registration certificates, and where he is honoured in Gandhi Square.

Cost: R600 (which includes a 2-course meal at Satyagraha House, and the hire of a bus). The tour will be 4 hours.

Let me know: lucilledavie@gmail.com

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