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The Children's Memorial Institute will be holding two Open Archive events this week (see details in the image below). We encourage academics, researchers, and those based in the building to come through on Friday to learn about the building, the project and the archive. While we will only have a small amount on display, we have a vast range of items, especially documents, in our storerooms which can link to various disciplines and are especially interesting for medical and social history research. We are also always looking for volunteers and would be happy to take on heritage and archive students wanting practical experience.

We are using these days as an opportunity  to start a conversation with interested people. We are hoping that something within the archive or the building may speak to the work you are doing, or inspire you to explore the collection further.  

  • If you are coming from the City side of Empire road and are driving north down Joubert street, please use Gate 10 / Uthando Centre side for parking.   
  • As there are many children who use this site security will request you sign in.  
  • We are a small team of volunteers, but if there is a need, we may be able to arrange an alternative time if you are unable to attend this week.

Kind regards

Children's Memorial Institute Historical Committee - CMIhistory@gmail.com


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