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This tour forms part of the GIfA Awards 2017 Winners Tour Series. It will be happening on 3 March 2018 from 09h00-12h00. Click here to RSVP (max 40 - 20 members' places reserved). The  2017 Award of Excellence Citation reads as follows:

The new wing to the Origins Centre was designed to ensure that a collection of 100 engraved boulders would be suitably displayed. The addition provides a new face onto the university’s south eastern access and addresses Enoch Sontonga Drive. The textured concrete building is a skilful and dynamic layering of sculptural spaces and volumes which flows seamlessly and which is all illuminated in natural light. It successfully mimics the archetypal primordial cave, yet draws strong poetic references to the rock collection it contains. This new campus landmark and urban edge building boldly signals interaction and engagement with its context. It is joyful yet tense, it is revealing yet it surprises. This makes for bold modern yet timeless architectural statement.

Venue: Origins Centre at Wits University

Directions: Wits University corner of Yale road and Enoch Santonga Avenue.

Presenter: Mashabane Rose Architects.

Price: R80 GIfA members, R100 non-members, R40 students (max 40 people)

CPD Points: 0.15

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