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In July 1970 - 48 years ago - East Londoners experienced a massive flood which left 12 people dead and hundreds homeless. To commemorate the calamity, the Border Historical Society (together with the Friends of the East London Museum) are calling on survivors to share their stories of the flood.

The flood separated families from each other as roads became gushing rivers. The Abbotsford Causeway and the Batting Bridge, which linked the city to Beacon Bay became impassable as the Nahoon River rushed over and through them.

Some people were separated from their children who could not get home. Many of those people may still be in East London and we are hoping they will attend and give us their first-hand accounts.

Dramatic contemporary pictures sourced from the Daily Dispatch archives will be projected to set the scene.

The evening will be held on Tuesday 17 July 2018 at 19H30 at the MCL Hall at the East London Museum. No charge and all are welcome to attend. Tea will be served afterwards.

Border Historical Society

Gordon Campbell - Secretary - 083 284 6173

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